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    Tora-san of Goto

    Watch Tora-san of Goto (2016) HD online free

    Original name: Goto no Tora-san
    Year: 2016Duration: 114 min
    Country: Japan
    Director: Masaru Oura
    Genre(s): Documentary, Drama, Family
    Actor(s):Toru Inuzuka, Masayo Inuzuka, Kokoro Inuzuka, Hanae Inuzuka
    Overview: This documentary film follows for 22 years a nine-member family involved in the manufacturing of Udon in the Goto Islands, Nagasaki prefecture. Mr. Toru Inuzuka called by nickname “Tora-san” is making famous ‘Goto Udon’ and natural salt on the island on which the depopulation is progressing. Seven children get up at 5 o’clock every morning, helping to make udon, and go to school. Children’s help is recorded on the time card, and it is pocket money for children. The film talks about children’s growth, marriage, childbirth, homecoming, and parting. The 22 years of familiarity of the family is drawn.


    Tora-san of Goto
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    Tora-san of Goto
    Tora-san of Goto

    Tora-san of Goto

    Tora-san of Goto
    Tora-san of Goto

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